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At PranaJaya, we specialize in the treatment of sports injuries and chronic pain syndromes. Benefits of pain management treatment include restful sleep, decreased stress and anxiety, improved blood circulation, and overall sense of well-being.

We successfully treat back, hip, shoulder, neck pain and headaches every day, whether the injury is acute or long standing, by using acupuncture and bodywork in combined sessions.  We especially have success with patients who have not had any progress with other practitioners.  Our strong background as bodyworkers enhances our acupuncture treatments.

We have the benefit of combined Eastern and Western approaches to relieving pain, utilizing classical acupuncture, which is thousands of years old, and modern interpretations such as dry-needling of trigger points. So whether you are an elite athlete training for the Olympics or having migraines during your menstrual cycle we can successfully treat you.

Everyone experiences pain differently therefore each treatment is tailored to your individual situation. For example, one may respond well to light touch therapies like cranial-sacral bodywork in addition to a very superficial needling technique while another may need deep tissue, structural bodywork and stronger motor point acupuncture for their body to respond. 


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