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For centuries, cosmetic acupuncture – sometimes referred to as facial acupuncture – has been used in China by Emperors and the wealthy to look and feel their best. The Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture SystemTM is a healthy option for looking and feeling healthier and more vibrant. There are many benefits to facial acupuncture, but the most obvious include:

• Softer, firmer skin
• Reduction of deeper wrinkles
• Possible elimination of finer wrinkles
• Improvement in jowl lines
• Collagen fiber regeneration and
• Muscle tone

Cosmetic acupuncture has a dramatic overall effect as a number of healthy benefits occur. Besides the obvious visual changes, clients often report improved digestion, improved sleep quality, reduction of hot flashes, elimination of mild depression and anxiety, improved energy, and an overall sense of well-being. Clients leave not only looking more radiant but feeling healthier.

From the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, qi (pronounced “chee”) and blood are being brought to the face, qi is being lifted, and the body’s energetic systems are being put into balance. This is why the extra benefits occur. From a Western medical standpoint, cosmetic acupuncture works because the needling stimulates skin cell production. The body responds by increasing blood flow and by producing collagen and elastin for healing.


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